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cacao beans

Cacao Beans

I’m having a much better week!  I’ve been playing Skyrim and listening to Japanese Pop (and doing work, of course!) and feel much better.  I got to develop and present two activities in the two classrooms I am assisting in, both of which I will post about shortly.  Here are some of the things I read this week that also made me happy.  Some are about food, others are about the arts, some are about education and just life in general.  Hope you enjoy and learn something.

Is Chocolate Really Good For You? Fact Vs. Myth Darya Pino of Summer Tomato provides the facts about chocolate.  Spoiler alert: I was pleased by her ultimatum. (ZocDoc)

Five Easy Steps for Talking with Children about Art – An excellent, excellent post by Rachelle Doorley about teaching Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to young children.  I loved seeing her daughter’s creative response to the art installation! (TinkerLab)

10 Wise Lessons: What I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger – I’m not that old yet but I still wish I had taken some of these points to heart sooner!  Maybe we just need to experience them to realize their value.  At any rate, it’s great to be reminded of these things so check it out. (Stepcase Lifehack)

Chocolate Orange Chess Pie – I love chocolate oranges and I love pie.  This looks amazing.  I wonder what I might be making for Thanksgiving… (Macheesmo)

This is My Room – How Controlling Ones Classroom Can Send the Wrong Message – Recently on Twitter I heard some people suggesting that we replace the term “classroom management” with “classroom leadership.”  As a preservice teacher who has primarily been fretting about how in the world I will “manage” my class, I found this article to be both wise and reassuring. (Blogging through the Fourth Dimension)


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  1. Thanks for including us in your Saturday round up! So glad to know about you and your blog. Enjoy the rest of your weekend😉

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